What Is Vecteezy?

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Vecteezy is a creative marketplace that offers high-quality resources for use in designs and marketing materials to designers, marketers, business owners, bloggers, and others. At Vecteezy, you’ll find a mix of free and paid content.

Vecteezy has been a trusted source for free and inexpensive vector graphics, including illustrations, icons, UI design elements, backgrounds, and more for more than ten years (the website launched in 2007). In 2020, Vecteezy grew by including stock videos and photos, along with both free and premium content, making it a respectable substitute for more established stock photo websites.

Value is where Vecteezy really differentiates itself. A Pro subscription to Vecteezy is among the best values you’ll find for stock creative assets. We’ll go over the specifics below.

Features Of Vecteezy

Numerous features of Vecteezy enable users to carry out their tasks more effectively.

Huge Image Library 

Searching online can seem more difficult when you are working on a new project or looking for images for your website. Finding the ideal image for your task may be very challenging given the abundance of options. However, the Vecteezy image library will simplify your task by enabling you to search through a variety of images and find the one that best suits your needs.


Bundles are another appealing aspect of Vecteezy. The bundles offered on this website let you download a number of resources at once in a single folder. Professional users can use it, but free users can also purchase them. You can view the files in each bundle before downloading them, and each one contains a specific number of files.

Each bundle is only offered for a brief period of time, typically a few days. A bundle costs $39, or you can become a Vecteezy Pro member and receive bundles for free. One bundle of your choosing may be downloaded each week if your Pro subscription is active.

Image Editing Option Is Available

Additionally, you can edit and convert your images to vector or raster formats using this website. It is a fantastic resource for designers and new users.

Image Tracing

It is yet another standout aspect of the Vecteezy system. The platform lets you store a number of images, and when you trace over one of them, a mockup of the image is produced. The generated image resembles the original image’s linked image. It is a well-liked component of this website.

License Feature

Vecteezy offers three different types of licenses—Free, Pro, and Pro Extended—for all of its content. Each license is unique in terms of cost, copy restrictions, attribution requirements, legal guarantees, and point of view. Additionally, the license for images, motion pictures, and vectors varies. Free resources can be used for both personal and business needs, but attribution is necessary.

Download credits or a Pro subscription are needed to access resources with a Pro license. Under the Pro license, attribution is not required, and Pro subscribers may also use Free resources without linking back to Vecteezy or providing attribution.

Even for Pro subscribers, resources with an Editorial license are free to download but cannot be used for commercial projects without proper attribution.

Data Import and Export

You can easily create, edit, manage, and share your works using this feature. You can conveniently share your vector images with others using Vecteezy’s import and export features.

Supports Multiple Formats

You can use this feature to upload your vector artwork to the website, which will then turn it into an image so you can use it wherever you like. The vector artwork can also be modified to suit your needs.


How much does Vecteezy cost? Vecteezy Pro subscriptions are priced at $14 per month for monthly billing or $9 per month ($108 per year) for annual billing.

That is roughly the same cost as what you would pay to download a few resources per month from a reputable stock photo marketplace. However, Vecteezy offers unlimited downloads for that cost.

If you don’t want a subscription, you can buy download credits for the following sums:

  • 1 Pro download for $10
  • 5 Pro downloads for $15
  • 10 Pro downloads for $20

Despite the download credits’ prices being comparable to those of other stock photo websites, it is obvious that the Pro subscription is the best deal.

After going over the essential information, let’s list the advantages and disadvantages of Vecteezy.