Sendowl Review

Do you need a simple and safe method for distributing digital goods? Have you looked for a platform that handles customer support requests, fulfillment management, and payment processing setup without any hassle? Sendowl is the only place to look! We break down every aspect of utilizing Sendowl in this review, including the costs, features, and advantages, so you can decide if it will work for your company’s needs.


What is Sendowl?

A cutting-edge website called Sendowl allows users to deliver digital goods including music, ebooks, digital software, and e-greeting cards. The business intends to make the secure and simple transfer of software and other digital commodities. You won’t need to worry about managing credit card payments, staffing customer care departments, or keeping clients waiting for deliveries when you use Sendowl. Instead, you can concentrate on creating and selling your product while keeping Sendowl top of mind.

Sendowl is currently offering a free 30-day trial. It is a unique offer. Avoid missing it. To begin a 30-day free trial, click here.

Sendowl Key Features:

1. Unlimited delivery: Sendowl’s delivery system can be configured in every way. Digital goods can be sent to customers by email, a Sendowl SD card that has already been loaded, or their Sendowl account.
2. Simple payments: Sendowl interfaces with, Stripe, and PayPal to accept payments using a variety of credit and debit cards. Additionally, you can design your payment gateway to take additional payment types!
3. Support for multiple languages and currencies: Sendowl is multilingual and multicurrency. Software, e-books, and other digital goods can be shipped in the languages of your choice!

4. Integrations with email marketing: With Sendowl, you can design and send email marketing campaigns right from the platform! By developing more focused promos and marketing, you can boost your sales.
5. Flexible payment options: Sendowl provides PayPal and Stripe payments, among other possibilities. You can design your integration to take payments as well!
6. Simple analytics: Sendowl gives you sales breakdowns so you can track how many users are looking and purchasing your stuff.
7. Shopify integration is simple with Sendowl, allowing you to personalize your products and payments.
8. API access: Sendowl makes its API available so that you can build your own products. Applications that link to your Sendowl account and let you control your shipments can be made using the API.
9. You can build multi-user accounts: Say you want to send digital goods to every user of a website that has many users. You can do it easily thanks to Sendowl! You can configure different delivery methods (such email or SD card) and even individual user profiles, in addition to adding multiple user accounts.

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Sendowl Pros

  • Simple to Use: Sendowl makes it easier to create and send digital items. Drag-and-drop simplicity allows you to easily construct your digital products, and Sendowl will handle all customer care and payment processing needs.
  • Delivering digital goods fast and securely is Sendowl’s specialty. Even as they arrive in their email inboxes, your customers may follow the progress of their orders!
  • Flexible & individualized: Sendowl lets you choose your delivery options, payment methods, and customer service team.
  • A contemporary, responsive checkout process is offered by Sendowl. With Sendowl, your clients may transact with you swiftly and easily!

Sendowl Cons

  • Limited features: Sendowl is not the best platform for sending physical goods like printed picture books. The only goods you may deliver via Sendowl are digital ones.
  • Only two delivery methods are available when using Sendowl: email or an SD card that has already been loaded. Sendowl might not be for you if you wish to transport tangible items like photo albums.
  • Sendowl is significantly more expensive than some other digital delivery services in terms of cost. This is so that Sendowl can integrate with other services, like Shopify, and offer more alternatives for customer care.

Pricing using Sendowl

Free Plan

For beginners with modest volume, the free plan is excellent. It restricts your ability to distribute a certain quantity of products, use email marketing, and provide customer assistance.

  • Unlimited memberships
  • Unrestricted use
  • common templates

Growth Plan at $19 /month.

This strategy works well for selling on a broad scale. It offers extra features including API access, website integrations, and customizations along with all the capabilities of the free plan.

Sendowl is currently offering a free 30-day trial. It is a unique offer. Avoid missing it. To begin a 30-day free trial, click here.

Who is it intended for?

For business owners and entrepreneurs who require a safe, dependable, and easy way to transfer digital items, Sendowl is the best option. Sendowl can be a fantastic link between you and your clients. You may design appealing promotional products that your clients can readily order thanks to it. The platform also enables you to spend less time managing your shipping procedure so that you can concentrate on expanding your firm.


For entrepreneurs who wish to sell their items online, Sendowl is a fantastic, dependable delivery platform. Sendowl is your best option if you’re an author, musician, artist, or other creator of digital content and wish to automate the process of producing and promoting your work online.