PNGTree, a Free Image Repository for Web Development

A website called PNGTree compiles cost-free, high-quality images for use in a variety of contexts, including web development. Most of the images have a minimum resolution of 800 by 800 pixels and, when appropriate, transparency.

For web developers who don’t often produce their own art, especially those who spend the majority of their time in the back-end or coding, having resources like these is great. When looking for transparent backgrounds and high-quality images, Google Images is woefully inadequate. While it used to be more effective seven or eight years ago, it now seems that the majority of the images returned by Google searches are from collections on Pinterest, a Google acquisition, are of poor quality, and can only be viewed with an account. Although Pinterest is a fantastic source of ideas, it is not a reliable place to find images.

PNGTree and other websites bridge this gap.

a cell phone with a clear screen (frame png from Adding Windows 2000 as the background was simple for me.


It’s simple and free to sign up for PNGTree. You only need to enter your username, email, and password, then confirm via email before you can start downloading an image.

A developer can only download a maximum of two images per day with a free account. This is acceptable if you only need a few images to fill out an existing design. However, a monthly or lifetime subscription will be required if you plan to use PNGTree to build your entire website.


For the majority of serious developers, the prices are not too bad. They gave me a promotional offer for a lifetime plan that they claim is normally $999, but I believe this is just a ploy since the deal is usually around this price when on sale. For what PNGTree provides here, $999 is far too expensive. The images are passable, but many of them also have a dated clip art feel from the middle of the 2000s.

Lifetime plan and special offer.

In addition, PNGTree provides 3 month, 6 month, and annual plans for $49, $99, and $139, respectively. The 3 month plan is a good choice and value if you’re building a website and require a specific set of PNGTree images but don’t anticipate using the service in the future.

Monthly subscription offerings.

Final Reflections

For programmers with little to no Photoshop or Illustrator experience, PNGTree is fantastic. There are some gems in here; you may have to sift through some of the less compelling pictures to find them. For use on the web, transparent image backgrounds work fantastically. Additionally, PNGTree has some gorgeous vector icons. In some circumstances, the cost is largely acceptable, but in others, it is a bit expensive.

Transparent vector icons.